What’s So “Natural” About Decadent Desserts?

One word: ingredients.

According to Chef Boyd, “A lot of times when you buy a cake online, it’s just not very good. They use secondary products, and it both looks and tastes commercial.” He continues, “I use fresh ingredients. Like my carrot cake - I use fresh produce, good grains, natural sugars… so my products are the upper echelon of what you could get in restaurants.” Where others cut costs and quality by using undesirable ingredients, Tasty Expressions is dedicated to providing 100% fresh and natural ingredients in our products. This is most obvious in the mouthfeel of many of our desserts.

Take the frosting on our Decadent Carrot Cake, for instance - “Our cream cheese frosting stands apart from most cream cheese frostings out there. Usually, companies use fillers because quality cream cheese and butter don’t come cheap. But that’s all I have in mine. I don’t have any additional fillers because you can taste them.” We are grateful that all we can taste is the fresh carrot, pure vanilla, and Dutch-processed cocoa that Chef Boyd incorporates into his respective recipes. But where does he get his quality ingredients?

“Colorado is seasonal, so I kind of have to play the ‘season game’ with ingredients. It’s a matter of finding that line with your product and making sure that it’s good quality, regardless of where you’re getting it from. I try and source as much locally as I can.” If he can’t pull ingredients from his local farmers markets, open 6 - 7 months of the year, Chef Boyd sources from other areas, including Mexico, California, and Peru. He is constantly workshopping his recipes and their ingredients, ensuring that his flavors, textures, and techniques are constantly improving, but it’s the source of those ingredients that make all the difference.

“Know who your vendors are and where they’re sourcing their products from. It’s really important to make sure you know what you’re getting, and not settling for second-best. If you’re going to make a product, you want to make it to the best of your ability because that’s what people are going to remember.” At Tasty Expressions, the end goal is simply to deliver a quality product with natural ingredients that you enjoy eating as much as Chef Boyd enjoys baking. Every dessert is made by hand in a commercial kitchen by a chef with decades of experience. What could be more natural than that?

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