Boyd's Bites

  • New Product Alert: 6" Cakes

    Bigger options, smaller sizes.Thank you for speaking up; we are listening!

  • Gifts For Your BFF That You Can Also Buy For Dad

    As we approach the first Best Friend Day (June 8th) and Father’s Day (June 20th) since lockdown, here are some fun gift ideas that you can send to both your best friend and your dad (maybe they’re one and the same)!
  • Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

    What better way to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day than by ordering a baker’s dozen of our Outrageous Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies?!

  • Spotlight: Chocolate Fudge Cake

    Absolutely teeming with rich, fudgy flavor, our Chocolate Fudge Cake is the perfect choice for anyone craving a full-bodied chocolate experience.
  • What's Mom's Flavor?

    With just one week until Mother’s Day, it’s time to decide which Tasty Expressions dessert is the perfect pick for Mom this year!
  • How Much Does Our Chocolate Cake Weigh?

    At 8 pounds, there's enough cake to go around. Here are some examples of other 8-pound delights!