Spotlight: Carrot Cake

When cooking up Tasty Expressions, Chef Boyd knew his Decadent Carrot Cake would have to be first on the menu. Why? “Well, because it’s good,” he says, laughing. “There are very few restaurants out there that do a carrot cake well. Truluck’s is one of them; phenomenal carrot cake, and I’d put mine up against that cake any day.”

By using 100% fresh ingredients, Chef Boyd sets his carrot cake apart, especially when it comes to the cream cheese frosting. Light and creamy with luscious cinnamon notes, his frosting is filler-free, a largely uncommon practice. “Usually, companies use fillers because quality cream cheese and butter don’t come cheap. But that’s all I have in mine. I don’t have any additional fillers because you can taste them. They coat your mouth and it’s just disgusting.” Fresh carrots, shaved coconut, and pure vanilla, spices, and sugars ensure that no artificial flavors go into the carrot cake. And then there’s the Salted Caramel Sauce

“As a component of the plate when I sold it to guests in the restaurant, I would stripe caramel on the plate or across the cake itself. The caramel was really always kind of there; part of the process of making the interior of the cake is done with a caramel glaze.” When you purchase a Decadent Carrot Cake, an entire pouch of Salted Caramel Sauce accompanies your order. Slather the whole cake, a slice, your plate, or anything, really. For more ideas, check our post: But What Do I Do with It? - Salted Caramel Sauce.

Whether sent as a gift or privately enjoyed, you may wonder what the best time of year is for some carrot cake. According to Chef Boyd, “I know lots of people who love carrot cake and would love to have a carrot cake birthday cake. I don’t think there’s any specific one time of the year that’s more sensible than others.” It’s a great choice for many holidays as well, including Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but we agree with Chef - any time is perfect for this cake. Baked with fresh produce, good grains, natural sugars, and a ton of care… you cannot beat this quality.

Order yours today with FREE shipping, and maybe toss in some Outrageous Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies while you’re at it. We’ve found (from experience) that they go very well together  ; )