Iconic Dessert Scenes, Part 3

With the official start of Summer just days away, we’re rounding out our series with a half-dozen more scenes to whet your appetite! We hope they inspire you to sit back this summer and relax with a Tasty Expressions dessert while you enjoy any one of our 31 movie/scene recommendations! You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Some of these scenes may also feature mature themes and/or language. View at your own discretion.

Once Upon A Time in America (1984):

Young Patrick “Patsy” straddles the line between child and adulthood in this iconic scene. Looking to trade a decadent 5-cent Charlotte Russe cake for sexual favors, a different sort of temptation begins to emerge as he waits to proposition the young lady. What follows is a reflection of the innocence Patsy is so determined to shed. This scene contains mature themes, but is not graphic. View at your own discretion.


Sweet Bean (2015):

Making its debut at Cannes in 2015, this thought-provoking Japanese drama centers around a dorayaki shop just outside Tokyo. Dorayaki is a Japanese confection consisting of two castella pancake-like pieces filled with sweet red bean paste. Sweet Bean explores finding joy and freedom in the wonder of life’s small, and even fleeting, moments. We especially love the late Kirin Kiki’s moving performance. Highly recommended; please enjoy the trailer below.


Inglourious Basterds (2009):

Absolutely chilling in its delivery, the strudel scene from Inglorious Basterds is one that film critics and fans have been arguing about for over a decade. Is SS Colonel Landa more aware than we understand as an audience, or did Shosanna Dreyfus evade detection totally using her alias Emmanuelle Mimieux? From the non-Kosher dessert choice, to the glass of milk, to the cigarette in the strudel, it seems the only thing that can be agreed on is Landa’s use of this particular dessert as a means of establishing dominance.


Tampopo (1985):

Though not a dessert movie, this food-centric film blurs the boundaries of food and desire. Focusing on a failing ramen shop, Tampopo connects various other characters through food motifs. The most infamous scene from the movie involves a gangster, his lover, and a raw egg. This scene (and others!) explores the boundaries of food as an aphrodisiac in a comical, yet verging on uncomfortable, way. Though not exactly explicit, this scene is erotic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Matilda (1996):

In this infamous scene, Bruce Bogtrotter is punished in front of the entire school for stealing a slice of Miss Trunchbull’s cake by being forced to finish the entire thing. Perhaps our favorite (and least favorite) part is that the slices of cake look just like our very own Chocolate Fudge Cake. In a weird way, the scene definitely put us in the mood for some, though it’s still pretty hard to watch. See if Bruce can actually get it done below. TW: child abuse.

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993):

We couldn’t end the series without paying tribute to this iconic scene starring the late comedy legend, Robin Williams. Mrs. Doubtfire’s “nightly meringue mask,” the result of an emergency cake-in-the-face situation, is one of the most unique uses of that trope we can think of. Funny and creative, it kind of makes us want to stick our face in our Decadent Carrot Cake for the cinnamon cream cheese version.

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