How Much Does Our Chocolate Cake Weigh?

At 8 pounds, Tasty Expressions’ Chocolate Fudge Cake truly packs a chocolatey punch! To understand just how substantial that is, we found some examples of other 8-pound delights:

A Puppy: We don’t mean just any puppy… it’s a classic cutie (just like our cake)! A young, healthy Labrador puppy weighs about 8 pounds. Puppies and cake? Now that’s a duo we can get behind. Keep this cake away from your furry friend, however! Don’t forget that chocolate is toxic to dogs. More for you!

Gallon of Milk: That’s right, those hefty jugs of milk that make trips to the grocery store a lowkey upper body workout. Pour yourself a glass and debate the benefits of weight-lifting chocolate cake while you tuck into a slice! Milk also pairs perfectly with our Outrageous Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Chef Boyd’s Famous Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies. We recommend you take a dip!

Newborn Baby: Upon delivery, our Chocolate Fudge Cake should be covered and protected for the duration of its life, with no need for refrigeration. Just like a baby. You probably shouldn’t swaddle it, but you can definitely sing to it! We recommend Happy Birthday : )

Cast-Iron Skillet: Are your wrists too weak to confidently hold a cast-iron skillet one-handed? Put some flourish in those fork movements, slice with purpose, and build up that wrist strength by tackling 8 pounds of cake!

Approx. 27,500 - 30,000 Bees: That’s a lot of bees. We’d rather have cake in our mouth, that’s for sure.  #SavetheBees

There's enough cake to go around! Offer your loved ones some half-pound slices and save a few for yourself, or give the whole thing as a gift. Order yours now with FREE shipping!

“It’s 5 inches tall, 8 pounds, and just a good overall cake.” - Chef Boyd Kerr