Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day from Tasty Expressions! We’d argue that chocolate chips are practically synonymous with a true baking classic: chocolate chip cookies. Tasty Expression’s Outrageous Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies were perfected over years in the restaurant industry by Tasty Expressions owner Chef Boyd Kerr.

Bringing them to pop ups and catering events, Chef Boyd’s favorite way to serve his chocolate chip cookies was as a component of ice cream sandwiches that he featured as restaurant specials. “I happen to think my chocolate chip cookies are phenomenal because of the crispy outside and chewy center. There’s a ton of chocolate chip cookies; it’s crazy to sit there and think that I can get into a marketplace that’s so saturated, but I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t liked them.” And for good reason! Their unique texture gives them the structural integrity for things like ice cream sandwiches, whilst also providing a satisfying mouthfeel when eaten on their own. When compared to the 2-3 oz of dough in chocolate chip cookies on the market today, our 5 oz cookies also provide more edible real estate and a better value!

Using fresh, natural ingredients, Chef Boyd pays close attention to the chocolate that he puts into his cookies, as he equates the success of a chocolate chip cookie with the quality of the chocolate used. “I use different chocolate blends, and I’ve been trying all different kinds of creations. I don’t think that will ever stop. Right now, I’m pretty much mainstream with semi-sweet, and it works. I’ll probably be going to an even higher-quality block chocolate and chopping it up myself.”

The care and quality that make up each baker’s dozen of Outrageous Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies is obvious, but Chef Boyd knows they can’t be everyone’s favorite cookie. “Everybody has their deal, right? Some people like super soft, some people like crunchy and hard, and then you’ve got everybody in between, so my chocolate chip cookies aren’t going to appease everyone! But I think most people are going to like them.” The only way to know if these are right for you is to try them. Send them as a gift, or treat yourself, and you’ll see why Chef Boyd’s friends and family have requested them at every gathering for years!

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