Gifts For Your BFF That You Can Also Buy For Dad

We know that for many in 2021, it’s been some time since they’ve been able to celebrate with friends and family. As we approach the first Best Friend Day (June 8th) and Father’s Day (June 20th) since lockdown, here are some fun gift ideas that you can send to both your best friend and your dad (maybe they’re one and the same)!


Over the past year of virtual visits, we’ve been making video and phone calls more than ever before. Grab your bestie a pair of Bluetooth headphones so they can properly appreciate the new music you recommend, then call and let you know just how great your taste is. Make sure Dad can hear you loud and clear with a pair that he can connect to his computer or laptop. Never hear “What?” or “I can’t hear you!” again!

Outrageous Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

If a friend sends a baker’s dozen of chocolate chip cookies, they automatically become your best friend, right? We assume this works the same with children. When dad experiences that crunchy exterior and chewy interior, you’ll be the favorite for sure.

Quality Notebook

Splurge on a high-quality notebook or journal to let your best friend know just how important their voice is. Whether in private or public practice, encourage their self-expression with this thoughtful opportunity to get creative in whatever way they see fit. Urge dad to finally write down his favorite recipes and memories, do some doodles, make lists, or anything else their heart desires.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Chocolate is a defining flavor for some people. If this sounds like your bestie, hit them with the shock and awe of this 8-pound, 5-inch behemoth. Any worries they have will disappear temporarily as they envelop themself in its fudgy layers, and you’ll be the one to thank! Dad deserves a cake with as much presence as he has. This cake delivers on presence and flavor, and stays shelf-stable all week (assuming it lasts that long).


Get a hammock big enough for two (or more!) for the ultimate “hang” with your bestie(s). Hammocks can be made to function in most spaces, so whether it’s indoors or outdoors, create an opportunity to really put your feet up with people who help you relax. With Summer set to officially begin on Father’s Day this year, put Dad in a summer mood with a relaxing hammock they can use to spend the day chilling out with a book, beer, or favorite cuddle-buddy. And then encourage its use every Sunday after that!

Butterscotch Bread Pudding

For those who chase unique flavors and experiences, our Butterscotch Bread Pudding is the perfect choice. Accompanied by our beloved Salted Caramel Sauce, this perfect balance of sweet and salty will go off like a flavor bomb, exciting the palette of all who take a slice. Dad will know they raised you right when you introduce them to this beautiful brioche bread pudding.


The most versatile item on this list, photos can be applied to many exciting gift ideas. Whilst a classic framed photo with your bestie or dad can provide great sentimental significance and décor, our personal favorite photo gifts include more unique options. Make them laugh (and maybe miss you a bit less) by gifting a t-shirt with your face printed on it, or a mug, pillowcase, towel - the opportunities are endless! If you are able to see your dad, recreate a childhood photo of you together, and display them side-by-side. Or, with proper notice, contact Tasty Expressions to print a custom image onto your next purchase!


Now that Lysol has made its way back on US grocery shelves, why not spread the love by stopping the spread of germs? We don’t suggest you send only a can of Lysol as a gift, but as a thoughtful gesture on the side? Absolutely.

Stay safe, and we hope if you aren’t yet able to see your best friend or dad this month, that they feel how much you love and care about them from afar. Whether it’s with the warmth of a hug, or the warmth of our Salted Caramel Sauce, we hope warmth is spread to everyone who needs it - best friends, dads, and anyone else.

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