Dessert Ditties, Part 1

Whether you need a sweet batch of songs for a bake-along or something to seduce your sweetheart, here's a baker's dozen of our favorite songs about sweets! Stay tuned for Part 2 - coming soon!

Lollipop - The Chordettes

"Sweeter than candy on a stick

Huckleberry, cherry or lime"

A Spoonful of Sugar - Julie Andrews/Mary Poppins

"And every task you undertake

Becomes a piece of cake!"

Milkshake - Kelis

"Warm it up

The boys are waiting"

Sugar - Jennifer Nettles

“And I'm more than just a topping,

Not your marshmallow frosting

On your Betty Crocker chocolate cake

Apple Pie à la mode - Destiny’s Child

“Lullaby love

Where have you been all of my life?

Your chocolate covered, strawberry, apple pie à la mode”

Crowded House - Chocolate Cake

"Can I have another piece of chocolate cake

(Piece of that thing on the plate)"

Banana Split for My Baby - Louis Prima

"Dispenser Man, if you please

Serve my chick a mess of calories"

Sugar, Sugar - The Archies

"Pour a little sugar on it, honey"

Ice Cream Song - Mother Goose Club

Great for the kids; hilarious if you're not.

"Get a scoop of that. Get a scoop of that.

What? Ice cream! What? Ice cream!"

Candy - Mandy Moore

"Sweet to me

Like sugar to my heart"

Pudding Time - Primus

"It's pudding time, children"

Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar - The Jaynetts

"Who stole that cookie from that cookie jar?"

We love this beautiful version of the classic whodunnit ditty.

Candy Girl - New Edition

"Candy Girl

You are my world"

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