Baked. Packaged. Delivered.

So, you’ve decided!

Perhaps you need to send a thank you, it’s a loved one’s birthday, or maybe you just want to treat yourself! Whatever the occasion, you’ve chosen your product(s) and delivery date, so what happens next?


As he receives orders, Chef Boyd crafts them on a rotating basis at the commercial kitchen he uses just 8 minutes away from his home. Exceptionally clean, professional, and COVID-aware, the facility boasts a range of commercial equipment for baking, as well as packaging and other manufacturing. After the order’s items are made, they enter a -10 °F deep freeze to ensure peak freshness for shipping.


The products are then sealed for safety and freshness and placed into an EPS box outfitted with frozen gel packs. This ensures that the items remain sturdy, safe, stable, and cold. Chef Boyd is currently also researching greener packaging products in his evolving mission to lessen Tasty Expressions’ environmental impact.


When the order arrives at your door, it should be fresh and below 40 °F as much as possible. The products should not be frozen when they arrive, though at certain times of the year this may be unavoidable, depending on the final destination. If you order your products on a Monday, you’ll get them, worst-case scenario, by the end of the day on Thursday. After unpackaging your items, you will find directions for the serving and preservation of your treats, respectively. From there, all that remains is to dig in!

“When you get it, it looks nice, and it delivers on quality and taste, but it looks homemade - it doesn’t look manufactured, because it’s not. The nuances are going to be prevalent.” - Chef Boyd

There’s not one cake you’ll receive that looks exactly the same. The hand-crafted qualities, love, and care that go into these products cannot compare to the machine-made high-volume commercial commodity items on the market today. And that’s a guarantee from Chef Boyd - “I want people to remember their experience, so when they think about a birthday, holiday, or special event, my cake is the first thing they think of. We have some of the best quality products that you can get online and send to your house; they’re certainly better than a lot of the stuff you can buy in stores.”

We can’t wait for your order to make its own journey to your door!

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