Boyd's Bites

  • New Product Alert: 6" Cakes

    Bigger options, smaller sizes.Thank you for speaking up; we are listening!

  • Dessert Ditties, Part 1

    Let these extra sweet melodies inspire you to add a little sugar in your life!
  • Dad Jokes for Father’s Day

    I love telling Dad jokes; sometimes he laughs.

  • Iconic Dessert Scenes, Part 3

    We saved some of the most infamous movie scenes for the final edition of our “Iconic Dessert Scenes” series!
  • Iconic Dessert Scenes, Part 2

    We’re back with another edition of Iconic Dessert Scenes - a perfect dozen, prepped and ready for your viewing pleasure!

  • Iconic Dessert Scenes, Part 1

    Need some filmic inspiration? Here's a baker's dozen of iconic dessert scenes that will either make you want to watch the full movie, or eat a full cake.
  • Perfect Scenarios for Cookies

    Some situations just scream cookie! Read on to hear a few of our favorites.
  • Gifts For Your BFF That You Can Also Buy For Dad

    As we approach the first Best Friend Day (June 8th) and Father’s Day (June 20th) since lockdown, here are some fun gift ideas that you can send to both your best friend and your dad (maybe they’re one and the same)!
  • What’s So “Natural” About Decadent Desserts?

    A quality product means fresh and natural ingredients. See why Tasty Expression's 100% natural desserts take the cake!
  • PB Cookies: You’ve Got Options!

    Tips & tricks for fun, interesting ways to use your next baker’s dozen of Chef Boyd’s Famous Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies!

  • Baked. Packaged. Delivered.

    What happens after you submit an order? Here’s some behind-the-scenes info on Tasty Expressions’ journey to your door!

  • Spotlight: Peanut Butter Cookies

    We're putting the spotlight on our addictive melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookies. You'll want to keep these under lock and key!